Wed Nov 28 2018 02:41:52 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  Chaitanya Dhareshwar

Infinity Beam is an experiment in bringing the Internet of Things to the common man. I hope this will be an exciting experience, and will impact people and IoT products in the years to come. 

While the experiment itself is production-ready, built around AWS Cloud with auto-scaling, backups, etc in place, the learning process itself is pretty enjoyable. As a result I've decided to make this platform available for free to anyone who wishes to utilize and experiment with it. 

Due to the limitations of most current in-market IoT devices - both in terms of complexity and capability - we'll be focusing on building a subset of capabilities and functions, including a 'virtual device' simulator, that more than adequately bring usable IoT to the average user, while yet providing the thrill of the experiment. 

Furthermore, anything I write here is open to you for comments (after you signup of course). This means you can give both suggestions and feedback about whatever you see. I will read it all personally, and will do my best to respond on a 1:1 basis. 

Now, feel free to sign up and take my system for a spin, and share your suggestions with me @cdvcio
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